My Other Sites

Fun fact: I make other websites too! This page has a link to all of the public websites that I have created.

AzNate Logo

AzNate's Tech

AzNate's Tech is my other website that goes more in-depth about my computers and other cool tech that I have!

ADOT Goofs Logo

AzNate's Roads

AzNate's Roads is the successor to my Arizonan Roadways Goofs & Fails site. It has been rebranded with a new name so I can add more roadgeek related content to it! I have also redesigned the site to be more mobile friendly and moved it under my domain.

PSR Logo

Project: South Ridge

Project: South Ridge is the name of a Roblox game development project by Cube Studios. I develop games for PSR as well as the website for it. The PSR website includes information about the game, its staff, and a wiki about the fictional universe all of its games take place in.

Cube Studios Logo

Cube Studios

Cube Studios is the development group that creates Project: South Ridge. Similar games that it creates are Project Midnight and PolyGT. While this site is not my coding, I still designed the layout of it and manage it.

The Gaming Clan Logo

The Gaming Clan

The Gaming Clan is a YouTuber group that consists of me and a friend. Our videos are mostly us playing games, but I also create tech videos occassionally.